Best Aluminum Floor Jack Reviews On The Market 2018

Why Buy an Best Aluminum Floor Jack?

When you go out shopping for the best floor jack, there are so many options that will come your way. There are a number of considerations that you should also make so as to make an informed decision on the type of floor jack that will work for you. One of the essential factors to consider when buying a floor jack is the construction material. While there are so many materials that may be used in the construction of the floor jacks, the aluminum floor jack stands out in terms of the quality of construction.

Most of the professional jacks are made from aircraft grade aluminum and they are considered to be quite stable and durable. Some of the best floor jacks on the market are made of aluminum alloy. If you want to buy a 2 ton or 3 ton aluminum floor jack, you should consider the other factors as well, besides the overall construction. One of the costly mistakes that you can ever make when buying a floor jack, is buying low quality one. This would end up compromising your overall safety. The craftsman aluminum floor jack is your best bargain. If you are looking to buy an aluminum floor jack, here are some models to consider.

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Best Aluminum Floor Jack Premium Features and Specification

Discover the best Aluminum Floor Jack Reviews, Premium features, Quality and Technical Specifications. Find the top 3 most popular Aluminum Jacks Automotive Product Ultimate Guidelines for making your buying decision easy and Profitable.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity

Quality And Technical Specification:

Aluminum Floor Jack ReviewsThe Arcan ALJ3T is a professional quality, low profile aluminum floor jack. The jack comes with a Quick Rise Service, which will make it possible to lift a load of up to 3 tons in a short period of time. It has a 3-3/4 inch minimum lift, which provides easy access for the lowered vehicles. This Arcan 3 ton aluminum floor jack has a ball bearing mounted rear swivel caster wheels. On the front part, it has wide front wheels and the combination of the two makes it easier to maneuver the jack under the vehicle.

This is a stable aluminum floor jack and will not wobble when lifting any load. There is a saddle pad which is meant to protect the vehicle and the other components of the vehicle. In addition to this the pad will also prevent the risk of the floor jack slipping while in use. The Quick Rise feature works hand in hand with the dual pump pistons so as to facilitate fast rising. It requires minimal efforts to raise the load to the desired height. Instead of buying a 2 ton aluminum floor jack, you should consider this model to get versatile functionality. The jack complies with 2009 ASME PALD Standard, which assures you of your safety.

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Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack Features:

 The dual pump pistons and the Quick Rising Service will facilitate a fast rising to the maximum jack point.

 The piston dust shields will prevent the dust from contaminating the hydraulic.

 The lift arm is reinforced so as to provide more strength and durability on this aluminum floor jack.

 The 2-piece handle snaps together for easy setup and use.

 This Arcan 3 ton aluminum jack has a bypass and overload valves, which protect the jack from overloading.

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Quality And Technical Specification:

Best Aluminum Floor Jack guideThe PowerZone is a craftsman aluminum floor jack, with a capacity to lift up to 3 tons. The jack is made of lightweight aluminum frame, while the handle is made of heavy-duty steel. This is a sturdy construction and guarantees you maximum strength and durability. There is a quick rise system, which will save you time when lifting your load and reduce the amount of effort that is required. In addition to this, this aluminum floor jack will only lift the load capacity it is rated for since it has a safety valve. The valve will prevent any cases of overloading the jack beyond the maximum load capacity.

The 3 ton aluminum floor jack has a minimum lifting height of 4 inches and a maximum of 18-1/4 inches. The saddle of the jack is padded and the handle is covered with foam, so as to protect the vehicle and the other component. It has wheels swivel, which facilitated easier positioning and movement of the jack.

Powerzone 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack Features:

 The PowerZone jack is made of aluminum, which reduces the weight, but makes it portable. The lifting arm is made of heavy duty strength, which guarantees durability and strength.

 There is a quick lifting hydraulic mechanism, which allows you to lift the load in a short while.

 The aluminum floor jack has a safety valve that protects the jack from lifting loads that are beyond the rated capacity.

 The wheels will enhance the stability of the jack and provide easier movement.

✓ The saddle is padded so as to enhance the contact with the load, while preventing any form of damage.

OTC 1532 2-Ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack

Quality And Technical Specification:

Aluminum Floor JacksThe OTC 1532 is an aluminum racing jack that weighs only 43 pounds but has the ability to lift 2 tons. It is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it durable and lightweight. This 2 ton aluminum floor jack has dual pump pistons, which speed up the rising action. As a result, you will be able to reach the maximum height with only 5 pumps. It is also considered to be an ideal low profile aluminum floor jack since it has a minimum height of 3.5 inches and the maximum being 18 inches. If you intend to jack high-performance cars, this is the ideal choice.

The saddle is padded so as to protected the car and other components of the car. In addition to this, the padding will also enhance the contact with the load and prevent any cases of slipping. This makes it a safe aluminium floor jack. There are mounted handles on the sides, which makes it easier to carry and move the floor jack to the position. This jack is known for its consistent and stable lifting power.

OTC 2 Ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack Features:

 It will only take you 5 pumps to reach the maximum height of 18 inches. This as a result of the dual pump pistons.

 It is lightweight, but quite durable since it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

 The OTC 1532 is ideal for high-performance cars and racing machines that are lowered since it has a minimum lift height of 3-1/2 inches.

 The handle has two pieces, which snap together fast and easy.

 The jack has a rubber saddle pad, which prevents slippage and also protects your vehicle.

What to Consider When Buying a Floor Jack

When you want to buy an aluminum floor jack, there a number of things to consider. Here are some of the critical ones:

Car Weight:

Floor Jack ReviewsConsider the weight of the car so as to decide whether you need the 2 ton or aluminum 3 ton floor jack. The 2 ton aluminum floor jack is recommended for the small and mid-size cars, while the 3 ton jack is for mid-size and large vehicles. Ensure that you have checked the lift capacity rating on the jack so as to match it with the weight of your car. You should never attempt to overload your jack, as that would be extremely dangerous.

Build Quality:

Best Floor Jack guidePeople are always looking for the best bargains, in terms of the price. However, if you want to get the best floor jack, the price factor should not be a bargain option. You should look at the quality of the floor jack so as to determine its strength and durability. With an aluminum floor jack, you can never go wrong. These floor jacks are stable and will last for a very long time. While they may be more expensive, they are definitely worth the price.

Car Profile:Floor Jack Reviews

Are considering high cars or the lowered cars? This is an essential consideration when shopping for an aluminum floor jack. The type of your car will determine the ground clearance that is required. The ground clearance will help with the proper placing and positioning of the floor jack before the lifting can commence. If you have lowered cars, you should consider the low profile floor jacks. If on the other, hand you have a high vehicle, your target should be the bottle jacks. The type of vehicle that you intend to use the jack on is a critical consideration when shopping for a floor jack.

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Final Recommendation:

With all said and done, aluminum jacks are a great choice and will serve your needs in the best way possible. Our recommendation is the OTC 1532 2 ton aluminum floor jack, due to its versatile nature. It is an aluminum racing jack, with a capacity to lift 2 tons of load. However, if you have a vehicle that is more than 2 tons, then you should consider getting another aluminum floor jack. The most important thing is to ensure that you have put all factors into consideration so as to make an informed decision on the type of floor jack to purchase.