Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack Review – 2 Ton Capacity

Arcan XL20 is an excellent floor jack within an affordable budget. It is a space-saving and worth investment for home uses. It can lift vehicles weighs 2 tons and above. Though the floor jack is budget-friendly, never mind that it is a low-quality floor jack. Instead, it is a gift from the famous PowerStation Company.

Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack Review


The compact and sleek design of the floor jack will amaze you. The versatility of the best affordable floor jack will help you in many ways. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere you want. So, you can take it where you need to access the underneath of the lowered vehicles.

As the floor jack comes with dual 45.3 inches pump piston, they help to lift the vehicle fast. In fact, it can raise the vehicle to the maximum height by taking fewer pumps. Furthermore, the positioning of the floor jack is perfect and precise, and the universal joint release system works well.

Surprisingly enough, it has an overload and bypass safety valve. For this reason, you can’t use the floor jack to lift the maximum weight which exceeds the rating. However, it is a compact floor jack with all advantages. Never mind the cost. You have to pay a fraction of the cost of an ordinary floor jack for the ultimate Arcon XL20.


  • Compact and convenient to weighs up to 2 tons
  • Sleek design and lightweight to carry around anywhere easily
  • Comes with dual pumps to raise the vehicle to the maximum height fast
  • Complies with the ASME PALD 2009 standard
  • Constructed from high quality heavy duty steel
  • Universal joint release to enhance the precision



  • Space-saving design to keep in a tight place
  • User-friendly features for versatile uses
  • Cost-effective but heavy-duty steel made the tool
  • Prevents overloading to ensure smooth performance


  • Not suitable for the weight above 2 tons, especially for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Unconscious applications may reduce durability

Final Verdict

Arcon helps you lift your 2-ton vehicle without breaking anything. In fact, it is one of the best floor jack within the budget-friendly price. If you want a perfect tool for your DIY workshop or machinery workshop for clients, it can support you. But, don’t forget to the weight limit. Your conscious uses will give it much durability. Hope, you enjoy the little tool in an emergency.