Best Motorcycle Jack Full Buying Guide And Reviews 2018

Motorcycle jack is a device designed to lift motorcycles, yard traders, and ATVs. The machine has two front wheels and gear rear casters to enhance usage.

An expert in the vehicle repair needs to have motorcycle jack for the implementation of the repair process It is important to use the best tools for lifting the car, and the motorbike for better inspection.

The device helps the mechanics to lift parts of the motors while repairing. It offers the benefits of joyful bike riding after break down. You need to have the perfect motorcycle Jack for the better performance in the market.

Best Motorcycle Jack

Why you need an appropriate motorcycle jack:

Any individual with a motorcycle will tell you the importance of cruising an open highway without something to assist him.

No matter the type of the bike you use, it is advisable you have the device for better repair and maintenance. Every
rider will tell that having bike jack is a good activity. In this article, you get the useful information on
why you need the good motorcycle jack Moreover, you can get the right jacks from the advice given on blogs regarding motorcycle jack reviews The jacks are important for storing and maintaining the process of motorbikes If you purchase a bike, it’s you can be sure that it will need some maintenance and serving.

The processes require a lifting tool for underground servicing and maintenance purposes such as oiling and cleaning. Jacks are essential for storing the motorcycle.

When you raise the motorcycle high, it becomes much easier to work on the bike and maintain. The advantage of
wheels attached to the jacks increases the efficiency by of jacking up the bike. You can move the bike around the garage to test the effectiveness of the motorbike.

It is easy to store them in any location of prevalence. Servicing the bike helps you save money for extra maintenance or breakdown. Also, after the ride, it is appropriate to check on the best techniques of servicing the motorcycle through evaluation of the working of the parts of the engine. In such cases, you need to lift the bike and evaluate the parts to replace.

The perfect motorcycle jack has the best motorcycle lift table to support the weight of your motorbike. Always, make sure the bike seats rightly on the lift table.On your motorbike, you should choose the right jack that is capable of carrying your bike.

While lifting your bike, you need to consider the weight and avoid overload. It is dangerous to overload the lift as it
can break Most of the jacks around have the capability of lifting specified weights When you understand your bike
weight, it is advisable you load the lift accordingly.

Also, you should use the lift table for lifting the bike. The lift table rests the bike, and the supporting stands accelerate the upward movement of the jack Some jacks have safety locks installed; it is, therefore, advisable you use them during the lifting process Your hands and feet should also be away from the pinch points In such cases, do the protective activities to ensure safety and injury.

Also, before you starting lifting the motorbike, ensure that the jack is stable. A good stability is enhanced by the four stands spaced to extended distance.

Dom experienced and overall joy of owning a motorcycle is some motivating aspects of having a personal motorbike. Despite the exciting lifestyle and the fun experienced by the motorcycles riders, there is the cost of maintaining the bike.

It is possible for you to do private maintenance to your motorcycle with the help of some tools, Motorcycles are easier and also fun to repair. To maintain a good fun in riding motorbikes, it is good to have the must-have tool.

Top 5 Motorcycle Lift Comparison Chart

PhotoNameMax loadWeightLifting RangePrice
PowerZone 380047 17 LB Hydraulic MotorcyclePowerZone 3800471700 lb62.4 pounds
4.5” to 14.5”
Black widow MC-JACKBlack widow MC-JACK1100 lb32 pounds3.75" to 16.25"
OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift OTC 15451500 lb74 pounds3.5" to 16.75"
1500 Lb. Capacity ATVlMotorcycle LiftATV Motorcycle1500 lb98 pounds4.5" to 16"
1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVsMotorcycle Center Scissor Lift1100 lb30.4 pounds3.75" to 13.25"

Some features of the top motorcycle jack

When selecting the good quality motorcycle jack, it is good to read several buyer’s guides to review the best features jack for Harley. Also, motorcycle reviews from bloggers assist in developing an authentic decision on the purchase of motorcycle jack This article will guide you in Doing a perfect jack for your motorcycle.

When you read this guide, you will be informed in understanding the best features suitable for your bike. Here are some important characteristics of jacks to consider while buying a motorcycle Jack

⇒ Proper hydraulic addition– some jacks use the hydraulic system in operation. When you purchase the jack, you should ensure the system is working properly and can support the required weight of your motorbike. The hydraulic pistols should be strong enough to support the weight of your bike.

⇒ Foot pedal pump- the pump should be able to lift the motorbike with a lot of stability. The tool should work
down to compression straps Also, it should have a tie down on the frame, unlike the lift surface.

⇒ Weight capacity- the best jack should have the minimum weight capacity of about llOOlbs. Such strength
allows a considerable weight lift of a motorbike. The jack should lift the bike to full height and ensure stability. Such
capabilities ensure that the user is secure and protected.

⇒ A removable handle- you may need to buy a motorcycle jack for home-based purposes In such situations,
you should make sure you purchase the jack that has a removable handle to allow easy storage. I would advise you go
for a jack with the handle provide the Harley center gravity centered.

⇒ Safety locks- while buying a Jack, you should make sure it has the safety locks These tools on the jack
provide a good stability during the lifting process.

⇒ Produd warranty- the jack should come with a warranty. The warranty gives assurance of a
quality product from the manufacturer’s Warranty help in the long term operating with the machine.


Our top 5 best motorcycle jack

The market holds several brands of the top motorcycle jacks. In this session, we will inform you about the top 5 jacks.

1) PowerZone 380047 17 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle

PowerZone 380047 17 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle


This type of a jack is also known as the ATV Jack The jack lifts both motorcycles and ATVs ranging from to 14-1f2. It has a foot diverted the hydraulic pump.

Its hands are free to position and stabilize the motorcycle very well.You can trust its security because of the presence of the multiple safety locks The T-Handle provides a Drm grip for best performance. The machine comes with a paint scuffed up. The machine is easy to jack up and hold

The machine comes with a paint scuffed up. The machine is easy to jack up and hold head motors safely. I remember it holds a 20111 Harley Heritage Classic strongly with its~ Battened surface. If you check the frame, it is around 12 off the ground. I used it on a low rider, and it could work well Perfed price for a better deal of a jack.
The PowerZone 380047 17 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle is a cheap machine and easy to assemble. The bearings are well
gauged right into the plates.


2) Black widow MC-JACK


Black widow MC-JACK


The black widow MC-JACK is capable of lifting motorcycles from around 3 8 to about 16 25. It can work best on
these weights before the pressure let off on the front and rear tire during servicing, modification, and maintenance.
Customers enjoy manual operation of the machine by 7I8 socket-driven scissor loading frame.

While doing maintenance, the jack is sturdy. The machine is better to use a 7I8 socket wrench. This weight is possible to raise and lower the jack This ability is safer than the inbuilt tooL On a slippery surface, it is appropriate to pour the OEM powder coating. As many customers have stated earlier, it is risky to lift a motorcycle with the jack stands on a slippery surface. You need to have the power to raise the bike from the leaning on a kickstand position to an upright position.
Black Widow MC-JACK Jack is good for the money. When jacking the bikes, this jack I can say is the best motorcycle
jack in the market.

It supports the jacks very stable with the fore tire off the ground. You can imagine the back is easy
to lift The welds look sloppiest I have never seen a retail product.

3) OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift


OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift


The OTC Motorcycle Lift possesses around 1,500 pounds capacity. The Jack has skids of 17 length. A single skid has around 25-3 inches wide.

However, it has a lime locking bar. OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift has a trustable stability while lifting motors Nevertheless, there it is advisable to check and evaluate the working of the jack because you can buy a jack with the foot pedal with lime control Such limitation makes the jack very shaky when lifting the motors The device is slow in operation, and not stable.

Several customers have complained of this problem. I cannot encourage you to get for business value addition.

4) 1500 Lb. Capacity ATVlMotorcycle Lift


1500 Lb. Capacity ATVlMotorcycle Lift


This number 1 motorcycle jack is good for lifting motorcycle and ATVs. It is good to lift a motorcycle safely and up to 16 above the ground Door. With its locking tools, it can lock at four distinct heights It has a foot-activated pump for allowing upward lifting of the ATV.

When you are through with work, it is possible to collapse the jack for easy storage. You have the trust of the line space occupation when you buy this type of a jack If you have a Honda Shadow from Harley, the machine is capable of lifting it safely.

The details of the device are clear if any maintenance is required. It is very stable and easy to operate when lifting for service of ATV and motors Great product Some customers have complained of missing nuts When buying the jack, ensure to pack all the assembling details for better performance.

The missing bolts may be incompatible with the retail-based bolts It is therefore critical you check everything is packet during the purchase. However, the customer service offers fast support and perfect solution upon any complaint


5) 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs


1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs


This machine is easy to use when having a wide-deck scissor jack It is multipurpose because it can be used in motorcycle services and ATVs.

The jack features a rubber mat at the lifting platform to enhance grip at the bottom.
The rubber also increases stability and prevent slippage of the bike while under maintenance. This jack you can use it
for garage duties, shop and track purposes as well. Some buyers have complained of a fragile case of the jack A customer once recorded that the Drst time he lifted a 700 pound motorbike the machine brook Also, it trod off.


How to maintain and clean a motorcycle jack:

Despite the working of the jack, it requires maintenance and cleaning.

√ Get the wheels off the Door-If you have Dished working with the jack; it is good to get the wheels off the ground for maintenance. You should apply oil on the wheels for easy movement The oil makes the rear wheel spin freely during lubrication and lifting motors Free moving wheels rotates easily and prevent the risk of breakdown of the jack.

√ Lubricate the hydraulic system-The hydraulic mechanism of the jack require continuous maintenance and repair of the pistons Smooth working pistons prevents the motorbike from sliding on one side due to lack of balance.

√ Replace the worn out wheels-It is advisable to replace the used fore or rear wheels Brand wheel conundrums Drm grip when lifting an ATV or motorcycle. The stands for lifting the motor should be well greased to the wheels It is easier to operate and reduce breakage.

In the motorcycle industry, it is appropriate to have the best motorcycle jack When using it, ensure good maintenance for better results.