Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack – 3.5 Ton Capacity Review

Do you want more safety in addition to a more comfortable lift to the vehicle? Blackhawk B6350 is one of the best floor jack comes with 3.5-ton capacity. It comes with a unique design for fast lifting with super-fast technology that leaves no error in features. Moreover, it is a high lift hydraulic jack with trolley and fixed wheels at the front and the rear that makes it incomparable in terms of security while lifting cars.

Blackhawk B6350 BlackRed Fast Lift Service Jack

So, how does the floor jack lift so quickly and easily? We think the fantastic feature of the latest invented mechanism does rest for lifting SUVs and trucks so rapidly. It features some sensors to detect the speed of the rising action. Then, it adjusts according to the car’s speed, and the users need. Here, you can pump the floor jack efficiently with two-piece handles. Hence, no fatigue will be created. By the way, the 3.5-ton steel floor jack will be able to get maximum 22 inches height.

So, what’s about the safety? The best high profile floor jack features the swivel saddle for easy jack positioning and protection. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures safe uses for the long-term lifespan. Here, we must mention the built-in internal safety valve. It comes to provide extra safety when you solo works with this best emergency car jack.

To top it off the safety, the heavy-duty automotive scissor jack is quite stable as the front and the rear caster wheels make it easy moving around while you are working with this kit. The best 3.5-ton floor jack features bypass device that prevents damage from over pumping into the wheels.

Or even better for the safety measure, the ultra-high profile floor jack lifts the vehicle to the full height, at least 22 inches by sticking the handle with a slight angle to enhance stability. As it has 3.5-ton load capacity, you can lift with effortless strokes. In addition to the load capacity, the best roadside emergency car kit features rolled side frames that enhance the strength and rigidity and prevents occasional twisting.

Though the best roadside car jack is quite heavy, it is not the portable car jack trunk unless you are great in shape. You may carry it in your truck or SUV but turning it on or off is quite troublesome. By the way, it is in the best use for the garage floor or on the paved driveway.

So, what’s more? The best scissor jack for cars comes with removable saddle and swivel. The duos help to place the jack on the desired place easily. Also, the rubber pad on the saddle prevents slippage by enhancing the contact grip.

Blackhawk B635 Floor Jack Features


  • Crafted from heavy-duty steel to make it durable, stable and long-lasting.
  • 3.5 ton (7000 pounds) load capacity is enough for lifting low profile cars and vehicles.
  • Rubberized swiveling saddle helps to place the jack on the right place effectively.
  • Rolled frames to enhance stability when the jack is full in use.
  • Bypass device and safety valve to protect from over-pumping and overloading
  • Impressive internal safety valve to strengthen safety level when you use it alone.
  • Caster-style front and rear wheels for precise placement.
  • Up to 22 inches lifting capacity is remarkable and accommodates for most vehicles



  • Budget-friendly and affordable high profile jack for lowered cars
  • The handle is good enough to loft and lower without stress for one person
  • Saddle screw helps to adjust the desired height from 5-inch to 22 inches


  • Produces annoying squeaking sound when lifting the vehicles
  • The materials may not be rust-resistant, so avoid it using in the rain.
  • Hefty and bulky floor jack to carry around in your car.


If you want the best high-profile floor jack in an affordable budget, then it is an excellent choice. The American made floor jack offers greater functionality, design, construction than similar price other floor jacks.