How To Choose Right Floor Jack For Car

A floor jack for car is one of the most basic of tools in a garage. It does not matter whether you are a professional or not. Most of the modifications needed on your vehicle require lifting it to access the under part. That means the jack must be able to lift the car to a desirable height and hold it until you can put some jack stands.

There are various jacks in the market and choosing the right one for you can be an uphill task.  In most cases, you will be spoilt for choice and may not know which jack meets your needs.  Fortunately for you, the following guide will do the trick for you. You can find more about car jack in quick jack review.

What to consider:

Type of vehicle:-

Before anything, consider the type of vehicle that you will be using the jack on. The most important element that you should consider is ground clearance. This term ‘ground clearance’ refers to how high the contact point for your jack is on your vehicle. Essentially, there are cars whose ground clearance is low. If that is the case, then they are easier to lift with most jacks in the market. Vehicles in this category include race cars, sports cars, and low-performance cars. Mostly, the hydraulic floor jack will do an excellent job on low ground clearance vehicles.

The street tuners and other categories of performance vehicles are unique. They have a very low ground clearance, and your average jack cannot negotiate this low point. Typically, the aluminum floor jacks can easily reach the very low suspension upgrades and body kits. Another benefit associated with this type of floor jacks is that they are lighter than other. It makes it easier for you to move them around.

If you own a high vehicle, then choose a bottle jack. However, if you want a jack that you can just toss out during emergencies, then the scissor jack is your perfect choice. However, if you cannot decide which best car jack is the most appropriate for you, then you can still go with a hydraulic floor jack.

The weight of your vehicle:-

When buying a floor jack, it is critical that you consider the weight of your automobile. Mainly, every jack has a maximum capacity regarding weight. Therefore, be wise and make sure your jack exceeds your vehicle’s weight. The rating of the most common jacks is 2 or 3 tons. This capacity is perfect for most vehicles such as the economy and small types.

The standard jack has the versatility for several applications. Even though heavier than aluminum models, they have the application range appropriate for light trucks and subcompacts. These designs are typical in automotive tire shops and repair shops. In particular, they form the majority of floor jacks today. They are the workhorses when it comes to automotive tools.

If you are dealing with heavy trucks that especially have big tires, then you should choose the jacks that have a higher tonnage. The service jacks specially designed for long chassis can easily handle heavier vehicles with higher ground clearance. In other words, the 10-ton jack can easily manage to lift more than 25 inches.  It gives an appropriate lifting height required for high tonnage vehicles. The best thing about some of these jacks is that they come with air assist. This quality gets rid of the great effort needed to pump to lift a vehicle. Essentially, an air cylinder does most of the work.

The material and lifting speed:-

The most common construction material for floor jacks is aluminum or steel. If you are looking for a jack to only use in the garage, then the steel one is the most appropriate. However, if you want a floor jack that is easy to move around, then go for the aluminum jack.

Every jack has a maximum speed depending on how it is built. In most cases, a standard jack can reach a high of 10 strokes. However, if you desire a quicker one with abou3 to 6 strokes for a maximum high, then consider those with a fast lift system or dual lifting pistons. But remember the more rapid the jacks, the more the price you will have to pay.

The quality of the jack:-

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a floor jack is the build quality. It goes without saying that a high-quality jack will be cheaper in the long run. It is not logical to go for a cheap floor jack only for you to replace it after a short period. Initially, the price may be attractive, but it will cost you more regarding having to replace it now and then.

The easiest way to determine quality is lifting the jack and examining the parts. Jacks with predominantly metal parts are more expensive and better quality than those with plastic parts. Both the finishing and weight are other indicators s of quality. If a significant portion of the jack is polished or brushed metal, then the manufacturer may be trying to show off the parts. However, thick coats of paints that are sloppily done indiscriminately on every component are a cause for alarm. The maker may be trying to conceal something from you. Use due diligence and inspect the jack before you make the final purchase decision. You can consider Best 2 post car lift for your car lifting.


Special note

When shopping for a floor jack, don’t forget about jack stands. Mainly, these tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The good thing about it is that they provide an additional layer of safety. Furthermore, they are also a source of extra stability so you can work on your vehicle well. When selecting them, remember that the stated rating applies to them as a pair. For example, the 6-ton rating is 3 tons for each. Together, they offer the 6-tons worth of load bearing ability.

Final word for floor jack for car:

There are many jacks out there and choosing the right one for you may prove an uphill task. However, there several things that you need to look out for and it includes the type and weight of your vehicle. The most critical thing to note, however, is the quality of the jack. Cheap is always expensive and so don’t let the low price fool you.