How to Bleed a Floor Jack [The easiest way]

Maintain a floor jack mostly depends on how and when it is used. Many people use the jack to change the tire now and then. On the contrary, as a semi-mechanical engineer, you may need to handle the tire or end up using the jack regularly.

However, the performance of the hydraulic floor jack starts declining day by day for the lack of proper maintenance.  Though floor jacks filled with air may decrease the performance, you can overcome the problem quickly.

As you can solve the air filled problem of the floor jack, you don’t need to buy a new one. Moreover, it also saves your bucks. Here the learning process is pretty simple. Let me show how to bleed the floor jack.

How to Bleed a Floor Jack


Bleed a Floor Jack


Though you can get a thousand types of jacks, the fundamental principle is same for all of them. At first, you need to take the air out of the system and then fill the jack with hydraulic fluid (if necessary). To complete the whole process, you need following things.

  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Flathead Screwdriver

If you have the above things get ready, follow the steps to bleed the floor jack.

Step 1:

Rotate the handles of the jacks to the counter-clockwise. It allows you to open the valve of the jack. Also, pump the jack until the saddle reaches to the highest point where it gets filled with air.

Step 2:

Now release the pressure valve to screw out the air fill. You can do it by opening the pressure valve. In some jacks, you can open the jack by turning the valve on counter-clockwise direction. In some other models, you need to remove the handle to release the valve and refit it by turning the valve on anti-clockwise direction.

Step 3:

Now pump the handle forth and back for several times. Now the air trapped inside will be released until the inside is vacuous. You may have to pump the handle more time if there is more air inside the system. You will also be able to audibly hear the air when the air is releasing from the system. If you listen to nothing after a while, it seems that there is nothing left inside the system. If there is no air to escape from the system, the jack has been successfully bled.

Step 4:

After releasing the air, close the release valve of the system by turning the handle in a clockwise direction. Now, check the jack is short of oi or not. If the jack is short, your system won’t work efficiently.

Step 5:

If the jack lacks oil, insert hydraulic fill into the air fill until the valve is filled with fluid. If the oil is popping out from the valve when it’s full, stop inserting the oil. Now, pump the handle to make the jack works like a new one.

Final words

Learning how to bleed the floor jack is a skill that will save your time and money. Either way, it’s helpful to rescue in an emergency. However, knowing the simple maintenance will keep the tools active and prompt performance all the year round. Moreover, using the jack regularly and keeping it clean will help you lift the vehicle quickly and efficiently when it is required.