Liftmaster 3 Ton SUV High Lift Floor Trolley Jack Car 4×4 Van Pickup Reviews

If you need great things in a small package, this Lift-master 3 ton means a fantastic job. It is one of the best 3-ton low profile floor jacks within an affordable price.


Liftmaster 3 Ton High Lift Floor Jack

A lightweight and portable floor jack might be the best road jack that comes across to the today’s market. This floor jack weighs only 20 pounds. Isn’t is too light to carry around? Though it is lightweight, it can carry up to 3-ton standard size cars from 7.5″ to 21″ from the ground. So, with the help of this convenient device, you can lift any vehicle such as a car, a truck, a SUV or a van. The comfortable and smooth operation to raise the vehicle helps you repairing at anywhere, especially in an emergency.

Furthermore, the best low profile floor jack is made from heavy gauge steel frame that ensures strength and durability. Also, the body frame is manufactured from steel rod iron which is much rigid than conventional materials. As the materials are rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, you can use it any weather, i.e., in the rain or the snow.

What’s more? In other words, the steel frame is lightweight and portable. Also, the best portable car jack is compact, and hence, you can carry it around anywhere in your car. So, when your vehicle disturbs to run in the hideaway, you may need a technician. However, the tire may be punched that needs immediate replacement. It is a DIY task to replace the tire. Here, this best roadside car jack will help you to lift the car so that you can change the tire.

Moreover, this ultra-low-profile floor jack comes with an adjustable saddle that can be swiveled 360°. Also, it can provide stable support to lift the car when its’ arms connect. So, as an enthusiast DIYer, you can use this tool as it is easy to use and handy to operate. Also, the release valve of the floor jack helps to release pressure quickly.

In addition to the above features, the 3 ton American made floor jack is extremely affordable for the budget-friendly price. Though the price is lower, it never compromises to the quality. ANSI and CE certify the best emergency car jack for machinery and product safety.


  • Comes with a dual pump to lift vehicles relatively fast.
  • Integrates universal joint release mechanism to control over car jack so that you can bring down the car properly.
  • Robust and sturdy materials to ensure durability and stability.
  • Comes with a bumper pad to prevent your vehicle from tarnish.
  • Aluminum made a handle to provide a firm grip.
  • Certified from ANSI and CE for product safety and the best quality.
  • Weighs only 20 pounds but enable to lift up to 3-ton.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact-in-size to carry easier in your car.
  • Easy handling with a hand so that you can change tire single handily.
  • Relatively cheaper than similar quality floor trolley jacks.
  • Rust-resistant and corrosion-free steel made body is usable in any weather.
  • Lifting is relatively fast with this best roadside emergency car kit.
  • Two different sockets help to lift two different heights.



  • Lift range is quite low for large vehicles but precise for the cars, SUV or van.
  • Few more strokes may be needed than the described manual. However, it depends on the skill of the users.

So, if you need a low profile floor jack with versatility and compatibility, this Liftmaster is an incredible choice. It helps to lift faster and easier for the DIYers and the enthusiasts. In fact, your investment will be worthy of this excellent lifting tool.