15 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Car

Safety and comfort are paramount wherever you are and that includes even in your car. You want to be able to access all the basic items for your well-being at all times. That is the main reason why your car should have all the essentials at every given time. I’ll give you a list of 15 items to have in your car.

things you should in car

  1. Flashlight

This is like the most basic thing you should have with you at all times. You never anticipate dark corners or lights going off. You need something you can pull out fast to provide light even if it’s temporary.


  1. Drinking Water and Snacks

Water comes in handy, not just to quench your thirst but to do simple cooling to an overheating engine or even washing your hands. Carry nonperishable snacks as well.


  1. Freshen up Kit

You should have a small bag with essentials like wipes, deodorant, sanitizer or even a lip balm. When your make up runs or you get all dusty and sweaty, you can freshen up in your car.


  1. Jumper Cables

If your car happens to die down by the roadside, jumper cables will be your savior. It’s what will keep you from sleeping on the roadside as it will help jump start your car. Have it in your car always.


  1. Spare tire

A tire could go flat at any moment and place. If you have no spare tire you’re likely to cut your journey short or wait until you get help which could take hours. Having an extra tire will save the day.


  1. Cell phone charger

It is important to have a cell phone, but if it’s dead it is not helpful at all. Make sure to carry a charger for it at all times so that you can charge it whenever you get the chance.


  1. Cash

As much as credit cards are the in thing nowadays, having a successful day could depend on something as simple as having some liquid cash in your car. Some bills need cash.


  1. Tool Kit

You need a toolkit as much as you need your car to work perfectly. It is one thing to have a spare tire but if you can’t fix it then it won’t help you. Have a kit with a wrench, screwdrivers and such.


  1. Registration Documents, License, and any other important documents

You can be flagged down by the traffic police at any time. It helps your case to have the registration documents and your license with you. The car manual will also come in handy.


  1. Reflective Warning Triangles

Your car could break down on a highway and when it’s a busy one, you need to warn the other drivers to prevent an accident from happening. Having warning triangles signaling the other drivers is important.


  1. Pen and Paper

Sometimes you want to write or sign something but you can’t find a pen. You should be able to get one when you go back to your car for such emergencies.


  1. Car Cover

Having a car cover ensures your car stays in the best condition. Not only does a car cover prevent your car from dirt, dust, scratches, and dents but also protects the paint from fading as a result of exposure to UV. There are different types of car covers that you can choose ranging from Camaro car cover, Chevrolet Camaro car cover, challenger car cover and outdoor car covers. Check out this link here to find the best car cover for the rainy season.


  1. Fire Extinguisher

Fires are tragic but they could happen anywhere. If it’s in your car or anywhere near, you should be able to use your fire extinguisher to help put it out. Make sure it’s somewhere you can easily access.


  1. Jacket and Blanket

You never know when the weather will change. If it does abruptly and you left the house without anything warm, you’ll need to wear the jacket in your car. In case you sleep elsewhere, you’ll need a blanket too.


  1. First Aid Kit

Make sure you have a first aid kit at every place you go. Accidents are not foreseen but being able to control the damage could save a life. Have it fully equipped and ready for emergencies at all times.



These are just some of the things you need to have in your car. The fact is, the list is endless. You can add to it with your special needs just to make sure that you do not lack anything that you may need while out there. Grab these things and put them in your car before you forget and get stranded during your next journey.