FloorJack Company Annual Scholarship

A $1,000 Annual Scholarship

This is an effort from BestFloorJackReview to bring out the best minds in creative writing by providing a platform enabling budding and experienced writers to showcase their skills to the online community and by extension, the global audience.

We have set up this unique Online Marketing Scholarship for Undergraduate students and even Post Graduate Students with a keen interest in eCommerce and Entrepreneurship. The winner of the scholarship will be awarded $1000.

Eligibility and Creativity

This scholarship is reserved for students of colleges and universities only. The content you will create must be original and highly creative.

Your content must be holistic, fun and must serve the purpose of the topic stated. It must cover all angles of the topic, and the reader must be able to apply it in action accordingly after reading.

We will be looking at originality, writing style, the applicability of the given content and also ease of reading. After doing so, a decision will be made regarding the scholarship winner.

Students who are pursuing courses in Management, Business, IT may be interested more than most in this particular award. Specific expertise in the fields mentioned above isn’t necessary to apply for this.

If you are one of the hopefuls who has found this scholarship useful and want to partake believing you can win it, don’t think twice!



General Terms of Participation

For Participation in the scholarship, you need to create content with a word limit of 500-1000 words on the topic “car/automobile/car parts,jack, floor jack, vehicle, vehicle engineer”.

The person with the most succinct, cogent and comprehensive content will be rightfully awarded the prize of $1000, and this can be redeemed for courses or other resources.


How to Submit your Application

First, you should write an article between 500 and 1000 words and send it to us in a word.doc file format.
When done doing the same you can e-mail us the content at the address [email protected] along with your given details that are mentioned below:
First Name, Middle Name, Last Name (in that order)

  • School Name/College Name/ University Name as applicable
  • Courses Taken/ Areas of Study
  • Proof of being a student such as College ID, School ID, etc.


Submission of the content will give us exclusive rights to the said content for use in promotional and marketing purposes and any way required by us.


The Last date for submission is 30st of November 2023, and we will choose the Winner by 15th of January 2023.

We run our Scholarship program Every Year.