How To Install SubWoofer In a Car Step By Step Guidelines

How To Install Subwoofer In a Car Step By Step Guidelines

When we are all concern about our car music system, it is important to understand first, what type of extra equipment can make our car as a full audio system? Therefore, if you are thinking like me, obviously you have found some tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers brands speaker name. Of course, each of this equipment is the best for car stereo system, but I strongly recommended using subwoofers.

Hence, I am here today going to talk about different subwoofers and its installation system. I hope you will like my guidance and at the end of this session, you will be well-known about:

  1. What is subwoofer and how it can make the sound wonderful?
  2. How to install a subwoofer in a car without technician?
  3. What type of subwoofer installation kit is required?
  4. How much does subwoofer installation cost?
  5. What is the best place to fix-up a subwoofer in a car?


How To Install SubWoofer In a CarIf you are looking for the best subwoofers, you might get to know about Pioneer, Infinity, JL Audio, Polk Audio, Kicker and lots of subwoofer brands with a variety of configurations, prices, and designs and so on. So, without spinning your head, it is better to know about your requirement and then buy according to your choice. I hope, my tips will help you to feel more excited about subwoofers, and you can easily do installation work after the purchase of a perfect one for your car.

Car Audio System (Subwoofer) Installation Guide:

1.What is subwoofer and how it can make the sound wonderful?

Although we know subwoofer provides excellent car audio service most of us do not know how it works? Well, a subwoofer mainly produces low-frequency volumes or little tunes to the speaker. Thus it makes the loud bass with the deep sound and works efficiently that a full-range sound speaker cannot do.

You can get different sizes of subwoofers, but for your private car, I suggest you choose 8-inch or 10-inch subwoofers. Because small size subwoofers can provide better quality bass. However, if you are searching for factory stereo or home stereo you can increase the no of subwoofers to cover –up the whole audio system.

2.What type of subwoofer installation kit is required?


  • Subwoofer box.
  • Subwoofer speaker with an amplifier.
  • Subwoofer wire gauge/ wiring kit
  • 10 Gauge Shield protected wire (for ground)
  • 10 Gauge Shield protected wire (for power)
  • 20 or 18 Gauge, 15-foot wire for remote connection.
  • 50 amps In-line fuse or higher
  • RCA cables
  • Screws- small size
  • some wires for connecting speakers
  • Essential tools

3.How to install a subwoofer in a car without technician?

After arranging all equipment, it is time for to set up subwoofers in your car speaker. You might be surprised and dough whether you can do it yourself subwoofer installation or not but I assure you, definitely you can do it by yourself, and that is also without anyone’s help. Just you follow my mentioned steps and perform accordingly. So, let us start without waiting for you more:

Firstly, please choose your speaker and amplifier according to the RMS power. Suppose if your subwoofer RMS is 400 w, it is wise to choose 400w amplifier. Because subwoofer runs on RMS power and produces better quality sound by an amplifier.

Secondly, select exact subwoofer box size. It should not be too big or too small. And remember here that, the speaker should fit into the box correctly.

Thirdly, the most careful work you have to do here is wiring subwoofers.  To make the work simple, here I have divided the works into some segments:

a.Wiring the power from the battery:

To do this, first, find a hole in the car’s firewall. It can be nearest to the windshield or your glove box wherever but make sure; you pass the power cable through the opening in the firewall, by keeping enough wire to connect to the battery. After that, tape the one part of the wire and add an in-line fuse to another part. Now the wire is ready to get the power from a battery.

b.Wiring with the stereo:

For doing this, you have to take out the full stereo box and check out 2 RCA points.  If you got that point, just connect the RCA cables to those points and fix the stereo as it was.

c.Final wiring:

It is the last wiring to wire subwoofers. You use 20-18 gauge long wire to make the connection between amplifier and stereo. It also indicates the On and Off condition of amplifier and stereo.

Fourthly, you have to put the wired speakers in the speaker box and close it with four small size screws.

Finally, you have to connect one end + and – of a speaker with to the amplifier and another end of + and – to the speaker box. If all the connections and wiring are done properly, your speaker box is now ready to produce sounds. To like more, just switch on the power and enjoy the bass.


4.How much does subwoofer installation cost?

Subwoofer cost is variable according to different branded subwoofers. But, for sure I can say, you have to spend minimum $40-$60 to get a pair of better quality subwoofers. If you have installation kits it is fine else you have to buy separately from car audio shops, and it may cost some more. You can also install a subwoofer in a car without an amplifier, but in this case, there is an option to get the poor quality bass system.  So, do not think about the cost while installing.  I guarantee, after complete full set-up, you will feel the worthy use of money.


5. What is the best place to fix-up a subwoofer in a car?

Location matters a lot while fitting subwoofers. Usually, it is placed in the trunk, door wall or the back part of the seat. But you can fix anywhere. However, keep in mind the speakers should not set in the hidden place, and enough no of speakers should install in the car.  Else, if you fix three speakers instead four, the sound quality may decrease.

At last, I assume, you have enjoyed subwoofers and got much more idea about how to install subwoofers in your car. I hope, if you have a subwoofer to set up in your vehicle, you will start fixing it now and get benefited.