Should You Repairing or Replacement Your Floor Jack

Difference between Repair VS Replace 

If you have a car, there are a number of things that you should have in your inventory and a floor jack is one of them. After using a floor jack for a while, you may be forced to replace it or repair it. If you have a floor jack from a reputable manufacturer, you can take it to the company and have it repaired. In order to determine if you need to replace or repair your floor jack, it is important to understand all the main parts:

Repairing or Replacing Your Floor Jack

 Reservoir: This refers to the tank, which stores the hydraulic fluid to power the floor jack.

✓ Pump: This is the arm or lever which is pushed up and down to lift the floor jack.

✓ Check Valve: This will allow the hydraulic oil to from the down stroke into the master cylinder.

✓ Release Valve: Once you have finished using the floor jack, the release valve releases all the pressure and restores the floor jack to the normal resting position. The hydraulic fluid is allowed back into the reservoir.

✓ Piston: This is the part of the jack that will be pushed by the hydraulic fluid, in the master cylinder, either upwards or downwards.

 Master Cylinder: When the pump is activated, the hydraulic fluid will flow from the reservoir and fill this cylinder.

With this understanding of the main parts, you can easily make a decision as to whether you will have your floor jack repaired or replaced altogether.  

Signs of Wear and Tear of the Floor Jack:

Just like any other mechanical device wear and tear is inevitable in the floor jacks. As you continue using the floor jack for various tasks, some parts, and essential components will start to wear off. This is the reason why I indicated that you should take the time to understand all the parts of the floor jack and how they work, normally. There are some signs that will indicate that your floor jack has a problem. Here are the common wear and tear indicators for the floor jacks:

✓ Dented Frame:

Using the floor jack regularly may cause the frame to get damaged. This is attributable to the weight and stress that it is subjected, every other time. If the dent is just on the surface of the frame, there is nothing to worry about. However, if the floor jack has a crack, you should stop using it instantly. This may cause serious damages and fatalities. With a damaged frame, this can be repaired by a professional and thus, no need for replacing it.

✓ Spoiled Wheels:

The hydraulic floor jack has wheels that facilitate movement and positioning of the jack. If the wheel on the floor jack appearing to be damaged, this may be as a result of poor lubrication. Fortunately, this is not a complex issue and you can replace the wheels from the comfort of your home.

✓ Floor Jack Fails Rise:

If you attempt to lift a load with your floor jack and seem to experience difficulty, then this is a clear sign that it has worn out. A new floor jack usually has an adequate lifting range and if it cannot extend the arm, this means that there is a problem with the hydraulic system. In most cases, this means that the hydraulic fluid may be leaking or is quite low and needs to be refilled. Depending on the specific issue; this can be repaired by refilling the oil, but if it is a mechanical problem, you might be forced to buy a new floor jack.

✓ Handle Kicking Back:

There are times when you may push your handle to a downward stroke and then it kicks back immediately. This means that the handle is wearing off and it could harm. From the very initial kick back, you should stop using the floor jack instantly. This is a technical problem, but it can be repaired by a specialist.

✓ The Oil Appears Whitish:

If you notice that the oil in your floor jack appearing to be milky; it means that it has been mixed with water. This is a result of water getting into the master cylinder or the reservoir and mixes with water. If this has happened for a while, you can hardly correct the situation and you would have to buy a new floor jack. However, if you take it to a repair store as soon as you notice the whitish discoloration, it can be repaired.

What Can I Do Repair or Replacement?

When you have a floor jack, at one point or another you will get to a place where you will ask yourself the question of whether to replace or repair the floor jack. This after your floor jack starts to demonstrate signs of wear and tear. Depending on the extent of the damage, both replacing and repairing are practical solutions. There are a number of factors, which you can use as a guide to choosing between repair and replacement:

✓ The Price Factor:

If your jack costs less than $100, it would not make sense to repair it, as the repairs may even cost more. You should just replace it with a brand new one.

✓ Severity of the Damage:

If the floor jack has minimal damage, then you should consider repairing, as it would be cheaper. However, if the damage is too much, it may cost you a whole lot to fix it; so you had better replace it.

✓ Accessibility of Replacement Parts:

It is important to find out if the replacement parts are readily available or not. If it is a tall order to find the specific parts, then replacement becomes the only option.

At the end of it all; both replacing and repairing are viable options. Besides looking at the price factor, you should consider the option that enhances your safety. If you have had your floor jack for a very long time, you should do away with it and replace it with a new one.

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