Torin T815005L Aluminum Floor Jack Review

If you’re looking for a new aluminum floor jack, the Torin T815005L is a compact jack with a fully anodized finish. It’s not quite professional quality but it certainly makes a decent effort.

A built-in safety system, handles, and a lightweight frame makes it transportable and safe – but how does it rate in depth? Let’s take a look.

Torin Big Red Aluminum Racing Floor Jack

Torin T815005L Aluminum Floor Jack

This aluminum floor jack is a mid-priced, middle of the range unit.

It doesn’t promise to do anything that it can’t. But what it can do is fairly impressive for the price you will pay for one.

It’s made in China, and it’s pretty reliable. It’s made of high strength aircraft grade aluminum and comes with a one year warranty.

In terms of money spent, it will set you back a little over $100.

It’s got all the usual trolley jack essentials – like rear swivel casters, which make it easy to move around. Plus, it’s fairly small at roughly 22in by 10in – making it easy to store – especially given its low profile.

It’s very easy to use. You just need four pumps to extend this aluminum floor jack up to its maximum height, making things nice and easy for you while you’re working on or underneath your car.

Dual side grip handles make it easy to pick up and carry (plus it’s not very heavy). And these handles can also be used effectively to position the jack underneath your car. They’ve got foam bumpers so that you avoid scratching the bodywork, which is a nice touch.

If you’re in the market for a new jack but haven’t decided what jack or stand will suit you best, there are several types – best to get to grips with them before choosing your floor jack.

Lightweight, but Strong

Despite housing a hydraulic mechanism, this aluminum floor jack benefits from its lightweight heat-treated metal frame and weighs in at just 27.5 pounds. For the sake of comparison, that’s the weight you’d expect a fairly young child to be at one or two years of age.

It can handle a maximum car weight of 1.5 tons – that’s a fairly typical but reasonably small car. However, the average weight of a car in the USA is pushing well over 4,000 pounds at this point.

Unless you drive a large car, van or a pickup, it’s more than likely you’ll still be fine when using this floor jack. But check how much your car weighs first.

This aluminum floor jack also has a safety overload system built into its mechanics, which stops you using it beyond its stated capacity. Nice to know it’s there – just in case.

But it’ll stop you from even trying to use the floor jack to lift a car that weighs more than 3,000 pounds.

If you need to lift a larger vehicle, you are going to need a more powerful jack. While that’s a limitation of the Torin, 1.5 tons should be enough to lift many family cars – so you hopefully won’t run into too many problems when using this aluminum floor jack.

The Torin’s Lifting Range

The Torin T815005L has a low profile, which means it’s good for getting in under low chassis profiles on sports cars, or cars which you’ve intentionally lowered. However, it also has a fairly low lifting range, of between 3-3/8in to 14-3/4in.

Paired with a good set of jack stands, that’s probably enough for most people to get by. However, some other floor jacks can lift up to 20 inches or more.

This provides you with far much more accessibility – and highlights what really is a weak point for the Torin. However, when you consider its price point, its limitations do make a lot of sense. You can’t say you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Jacks which lift over 20 inches tend to be a lot more expensive, and they also tend to be heavyweights designed to lift 2- or 3-ton vehicles. You need to decide whether 14-3/4in is going to be enough to lift your chassis high enough to work.

If your car has very large tires, you might find that this isn’t enough to get things off the ground.

What Alternatives Are Out There?

Torin T815005L Aluminum Floor Jack also produces 2-ton jacks and – or if you are looking to lift a real monster, it also makes a 5-ton jack with a 22in maximum lift.

If you want a floor jack which provides an even faster lift, try out a floor jack like the Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile.

It has a 2-ton capacity – ever so slightly more than the Torin – but comes with a dual pump system. This helps get your car off the ground even quicker. Plus, like the Torin T815005L, it has a very low profile.

We write loads of aluminum floor jack reviews. Find out what else is out there – you might need a bit more power or lift height than the Torin T815005L, and there’s no harm having a look to see if there’s something better for you.

Should I Buy It?

If you’re looking for an affordable floor jack, the Torin T815005L is definitely not the worst choice you could make.

You just need to be very sure that it will support your car. You should be able to find out how much your car weighs by reading the handbook, or alternatively you could contact the manufacturer. Don’t bother if your car weighs over 1.5 tons – unfortunately you need something with a bit more strength.

It may not support the heaviest loads, but for a lightweight model the T815005L gets the job done, and then some.

If you’re looking for a floor jack to sling in your car’s boot and carry around with you just in case, or for light regular maintenance, it’s definitely one to consider.

There are more powerful jacks out there – but at the price point, you can’t really say many bad things about this aluminum floor jack.

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